Tips for Planning a Quick Weight Loss Diet

Tips for Planning a Quick Weight Loss Diet

To ensure compliance to any weight loss diet, be sure that the food choices and the menus are simple and easy to follow. Likewise, healthy foods must be available within the locality and are affordable. An easy to follow and efficient meal plan can either be personally developed or can be patterned from the guidelines provided by the weight loss plan agency online.

In making your own diet plan consider the following guidelines:

Make it a habit to make a weekly meal plan so you will be able to check how many calories you will consume each day. It will also give you the chance to create different menus from healthy food groups to avoid getting tired of the same taste each time you eat which may induce food cravings.

Keep in mind that the average daily calorie requirement for men is 2700 calories and 2000 for women. Extra calories consumed will be deposited in the body and will increase body weight. Select foods which are low in cholesterol and fats such as whole wheat, brown rice, soda crackers, low-fat animal crackers and so on. Plan to cook foods by steam or grill. Limit dairy products and red meats.

Include in your meal plan fresh fruits and vegetables. They are good sources of vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body.

Go for natural and fresh foods and say no to canned and processed foods. Schedule youer meals into 5 different timings. Breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. Avoid evening snacks to prevent weight gain.

Always remember that water is the healthiest drink. Consume 8-10 glasses of water each day. Avoid drinks with cola and alcohol.

Do some online research about the nutritional contents of the foods to further guide you in making your meal plan.

Lastly, keep in mind that in order to attain the target weight, one must have self-discipline and strong determination.

After having read the guidelines, sit down and make your own diet plan and enjoy the results after a few weeks.

Or if you prefer to choose from an online diet plan to help you more in planning your meals, check for the following criteria:

  1. The plan must be developed by a registered nutritionist or doctor specializing in health promotion and wellness.
  2. Make sure that the diet plan has passed the test of time. Look for testimonies claiming that the diet plan is efficient and effective.
  3. Check if you have online access in case you need to clarify things about your diet plan and other weight loss related activities. Also check if they are offering continuous support after you have completed the whole weight loss plan. Returning to your normal diet is the crucial period hence you you need additional support to maintain your weight.

Examples of the easy to follow online weight loss plan:

MyPyramid Plan

This diet plan is developed and introduced by United States Department of Agriculture or USDA many years ago. MyPyramid helps clients develop a meal plan depending on their goal. No pills and no food restriction. However, this plan requires dieters to choose food from pyramid levels such as protein, grains, fruits, vegetables and dairy. To access their menu planner and tools you should sign up in their website as a member.

The 17 Day Diet

17-day-dietThis diet plan was initially formulated by Dr. Moreno for the purpose of losing extra weight and preventing weight gain during holidays. Yet this diet may be used anytime according to individual preference.

The 17 Day Diet is composed of four Cycles. The first stage is the Accelerate Phase. This phase is the period for sudden decrease in carbohydrates intake to facilitate fat burning and significant weight loss. The second phase is the Activate. This stage entails carbohydrate cycling to reset body’s metabolism thereby preventing weight stagnation. Achieve Phase is the third stage. This marks the reintroduction of formerly restricted foods but his time you will have to focus on healthy balanced eating habits. And finally the Arrive Phase. This is the weight maintenance phase. On week days you must have self-discipline in sticking to the required diet meals and on weekends you can feast on your favorite foods.


To further enhance the effect of your weight loss diet, you need to indulge in physical activities. Always remember that having a healthy diet and exercising are good partners in weight loss management. You may either do outdoor exercises like walking, running, jogging and bicycling or indoor exercises such as treadmill running, stationary bicycling, aerobics, etc.

To summarize, I believe that most dieters will be able to finish the whole course of a dietary regime when it is made simple and easy to follow and when the result is quickly visible. Additionally, dieters will become consistent in performing exercise when they will find the type of exercise that is comfortable to them.

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